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What is water backup and sump pump failure insurance?

by Kevin Gullbrants on 10/07/15

Water back up and sump pump failure coverage is an endorsement to the homeowner insurance policy that provides coverage to property damaged by water that backs up into the home through pipes, drains, sewer, water-service, sump pump and any other type of fluid transfer system from the house.

Water backup is very common in areas where the public water systems are old such as the Brockton, Quincy & Metro areas.

It is important to understand the water back up and sump pump failure coverage is an endorsement to the homeowners insurance policy.  This coverage Does Not come standard.  You have to add the coverage and in most cases pay an additional premium otherwise you do not have coverage for this type of loss.

What is uninsured motorist coverage?

by Kevin Gullbrants on 09/25/15

An often misunderstood auto insurance coverage is uninsured motorist insurance coverage which protects you and the people in your car in the event another driver hits you with inadequate insurance coverage or no auto insurance at all. Often drivers that carry low auto insurance liability limits do not have many assets to protect. So in the event that you or someone in your car is badly injured by another driver and they have inadequate auto insurance liability limits, there is nothing to gain by suing the driver.

In that case you can put a claim in under your own insurance policy for uninsured motorist insurance coverage.

What is household rating and how does it effect my car insurance premiums?

by Kevin Gullbrants on 09/24/15

Household rating can seem annoying. Why should your auto insurance premiums be affected by the driving history of a roommate or girlfriend/boyfriend living with you that has their own car insurance?

Household rating is really only done by premium auto insurance carriers which means that if the other person has a good record or at least a decent record, you are going to get a very competitive premium on your insurance. (keeps it low)

So basically, even though household rating can seem like a nuisance, the end result can mean lower premiums. Then the opposite is true as well. If your roommate has a bad record, your premiums could be significantly higher.

Everyone living in the house has to be on the policy. You can exclude any driver from driving any vehicle, which could be a benefit.

How does full glass coverage work?

by Kevin Gullbrants on 09/24/15

Full glass coverage is an additional physical damage coverage which can be purchased on a personal or business auto insurance policy.

However, full glass coverage often needs to be purchased in conjunction with comprehensive coverage. Full glass coverage adds glass breakage as an additional named peril to the auto insurance policy. This means you have coverage in the event that a rock gets kicked up off the road and breaks your windshield and in most cases, there is NO DEDUCTIBLE paid by you.

Full Glass coverage does not cover mirrors on most policies.

What is the difference between comprehensive and collision coverage?

by Kevin Gullbrants on 09/24/15

Comprehensive insurance is the physical damage insurance coverage on a personal or business auto insurance policy. Comprehensive provides reimbursement for a set of named perils that include (fire, hit an animal, theft, car get's struck by lightning and more.

Collision coverage provides reimbursement for damages to your vehicle after you've been in a car accident in which there is no fault or you are at fault.

Comprehensive will often be provided in conjunction with full glass coverage but is technically a separate part of the auto insurance policy.